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ТОКЕ-2024 - с 2 марта по 7 марта - г. Петрозаводск, акватория Онежского озера

Miclea  Romania  Adrian Miclea (1974)
(Микля Адриан)

I have at home our special area at 2000 m in ROMANIA at Sinaia Cota 2000 , where i organise every year snowkite events . I have participated 5 times in TOKE , and 1 time in WAKE . I can use kite in all kind of conditions .

Почему TOKE?

Because it's a wonderful experoence that you rememberall year until you come at next edition :) . Because snowkiting on such a long distance with nights spent in the tent is a challenge and for the wonderful places and people that you meet every year !

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