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TOKE-2023 - from 02.03 to 07.03 - Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lake Onego

For participants

1. Competition Format
2. The list of necessary equipment
3. Transfer


 1. Competition Format:


3-days race with two overnight stays in field conditions on the ice of Lake Onego for teams of two kiters transporting own racing and camping gear in fully autonomous mode on the 260 km long route.


Competitions are held regardless of weather conditions, which allows participants to demonstrate their skills in a variety of wind and temperature conditions, overcoming the need snow drifts zone, ridges of the ice hummocks and exits through the ice cracks.


Entry fee: RUB 3,500 (EUR 50) per participant. Insurance is not included.


Each participant is required to:

- Have an appropriate experience in snow-kiting, survival in the polar winter colds;

- Be in appropriate physical and mental condition;

- Be in possession of an insurance policy against accidents by at least 70 thousand roubles ( in the absence thereof, can be insured for the period of the competition during the registration);

- Wear helmet while in the race and in the area of ​​competition. Elbow pads and knee pads are recommended for use.


Organizers are not responsible for the loss of life or property, or for any physical damage to the participant, which occurred during the competition. 

Organizers provide information to support participants on transit and accommodation in Petrozavodsk.


Application form here...


 2. The list of necessary equipment:


For the team :


At least one pulka or sleds per team.

Pulkas or sleds must :

- be made of solid material. Options : plastic, high-molecular PVH, solid frame on skis or snowboards.

- be towed at all the time of the race. Carry by hands on on the back is allowed only to pass the obstacles ,making towage impossible like hummocks, rocks.

There is a lower weight limit per team. Total weight of teams’ sleds and backpacks should be no less than 38 kilos at the start. This includes the equipment you bring that will be unchanged during the race, your food and fuel + your emergency food and fuel.

At least 50% of this weight should be in your pulkas at any time on move during the race. The balance weight may be in the backpacks.

Shovel - at least one for the team.
Tent (materials and build qualities suitable for high winds / storm, designed for 2 people at minimum)
Ice screws or other tools in an amount necessary for fixing tent on bare ice.
Scotch tape / duct tape or other strong tape for general fixing
Kit "first medical aid." (At least - a set for the treatment of wounds and burns: dressing, tourniquet, cotton wool, bandages, sterile wipes, hydrogen peroxide, an ointment against burns, pain ...)
The burner, fuel (or gas) with sufficient fuel for 5 days
Thermos or water bottle.
Food for 5 days – minimum 15 rations per person (3 rations per day per person for 5 days).
- Flare or rocket launcher;

For each participant :

- Kite (s),
- Repair Kit for kite (additional lines, bands (for kite-fixe), a sewing kit;
- Ice screw (s) for parking the kite (at least one for each participant).
- Ski Scraper.
- Helmet, goggles.
- Clothes for movement under the kite, the ski touring and camping in winter conditions - individually, taking into account the personal experience and the responsibility of the participants;
To move with a kite .:
- Skis and ski boots
To move without the aid of a kite:
- Ski touring bindings or adaptors or cross-country skis or hiking or snowshoeing;
- Ski poles;
- Skins for ski (or grip ski wax );
You must be able to effectively move on snow cover of any depth.
- Sleeping bag (for the Arctic winter climate, to -25 'C);
- mat;
- GPS navigator with preloaded topographic maps of the area of the race,
- Compass,
- Paper map.
- Telephone in waterproof bag
- List of telephone numbers of the organizers and emergency services;
- A set of spare batteries, batteries for all devices;
- Rope D = 8 mm and L = 10 m with 2 snap hooks/carabiners per person- for transportation of a snowmobile and assistance; Ropes always to be carried in backpacks of both team members, to be quickly available in case of emergency.

- Ice awls / ice picks; for self rescue if fallen through ice. Absolutely mandatory to carry around neck / in pocket above waist at all time during the race.
- Folding tool kit "all in one";
- flashlight; with enough lighting power for safe control of kite and navigation in varying terrain / weather. Equipment for visual and audible alarm:
- Horn or whistle.

- VHF / walkie talkie / portable radio transceiver for communication between team members;
- Personal hygiene kit;
- Repair Kit for the skis and bindings (wire);
- Kit for tents;
- backpack;
- Ice scraper or a long ice screw for getting water in the absence of snow.


 3. Transfer


Finland (Kitee) - Petrozavodsk

Here is information about minibus from the Finland border town Kitee-Petrozavodsk-Kitee: The 7-seats minibus is able to accomodate 4 persons each with the luggage incl skis, pulks, bags. Price for the whole bus (with the group), no matter 2 or 3 or 4 people - 210 euros one way Kitee - Petrozavodsk . Accordingly, Petrozavodsk - Kitee - 210 euro, too. This Volksvagen minibus is good for passengers and the drivers are experienced. 210 euros - is the cost from the transport company, nothing added on top. Average travel time Kitee-Petrozavodsk is 5 hours incl custom/border crossing. If you have questions, let us know. Early booking is not necessary but only advisable. Have a nice trip!



Regarding accomodations in St.Petersburg, culture program incl norvegian-speaking personal guides, tours, museums, shows, theatres etc. please contact our partner travel agency Around.Ru. They promised to guarantee you most competitive prices for everything.


Travel agency "Around.Ru"

pic Natalia Aluferova

skype: around.ru_petrozavodsk

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


t/f : +7 8142 56 50 46

cell.: +7 911 405 2000

icq: 624-180-383


Wish you good luck .

Please do not hesitate to contact us with more questions.



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